A simple guide to Joint Tenancy

Joint Tenancy.

A joint tenancy arises whenever more than one person shares a tenancy and have not agreed to a tenancy in common.

Joint tenants do not have exclusive possession of “separate parts” of residential property but each has an equal right to enjoyment of the whole property. Unless the agreement expressly states otherwise each tenant is liable for the full rent. In the absence of joint liability for the rent, it will not be deemed as a joint tenancy.  It is important to note that upon the death of one of the joint tenant, his/her share will be transferred to remaining tenants and it can not be left under a Will or under the rules of intestacy


Sheldon, John, and George took the joint tenancy of their flat. They all have access to all parts of the house. They all are liable for full amount of rent unless they have agreed otherwise.


Sheldon dies, now John and George will be the joint tenants and will be responsible for whole flat.

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