Changes to Immigration rules for long Residence and new form SET (LR)

You can acquire settled status through the long residence route, provided you have been continuously lived in the UK for usually 10 years’ time period.  Temporary absences of less than six months will not break the requirement of continuous residence and you


From 13 July 2018 everybody who would like to apply for Indefinite leave to remain on a long residency base must use the new application form SET (LR) in line with the changes introduced in paragraph 34 of Immigration Rules.

The new rules make it mandatory for all applicants to state their reasons to remain in the United Kingdom. Failure to state all reasons for a permanent stay in the UK may result in loss of any right of appeal against the decision of the Home Office.  It is vital for all new applicants to state in the application form each and every reason they believe they have to stay in the UK, Including social, family, and financial ties and any other special circumstances.


The fee for the postal application is £2389 for a single applicant. You can also apply in person at Premium Service centres for an additional fee of over £610 for each applicant.

English Language and Life in the UK Test

You must have passed the Life in the UK test and must also have B1 English language certificate for speaking and listening.

Events which will break the continuous residence

  • Removal or deportation from the UK.
  • The applicant left the UK with the clear intention not to return.
  • The applicant left the UK in circumstances and his/her return was not reasonably expected.
  • The applicant is convicted of an offence and was imprisoned.
  • The applicant has spent a total of more than 18 months absent from the UK during the period in question.


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