Driving Offences

You may be considered to be driving even if you are off the road and not moving if your engine is on and your keys are in the ignition...


Robbery is regarded as being the most aggravated form of stealing; otherwise referred to as theft by the threat or use of force. Robberies include, “mugging”, “car-jackings”, mobile phone robberies...

Benefit Fraud

The defendant’s sentence depends on the offence as well as the court’s discretion. A guilty verdict in a trial could result in a range of sentences including but not restricted to; fine, community order, or prison sentence. Additional orders could be made by the court.

Criminal Crown Prosecution Service (CPS)

If charged with a criminal offence it would result in a court order, The police will investigate criminal offences and then pass evidence to the Crown.

Sexual Offences

The Police will be called to the scene of the incident The Police will log a report The Victim will be asked for a witness statement


The offence of fraud is, essentially, one of dishonest representation. The Fraud Act has introduced a new fraud offence with a maximum 10 year sentence...

Magistrates’ Court Sentencing Guidelines

These guidelines apply to sentencing in a magistrates’ court whatever the composition of the court. They cover offences for which sentences are frequently imposed in a magistrates’ court when dealing with adult offenders.

Common Assault

The defendant’s lawyer has to put forward what the defendant says (his ‘defence’) without being aggressive or intimidating. The judge or prosecutor could intervene to clarify.

Murder and Manslaughter

Being charged with a criminal offence will result in go to court, The police will investigate criminal offences and then pass evidence to the Crown...

Theft and Robbery

When an individual is charged with a criminal offence and the case goes to court, the complainant should be given a single point of contact for updates and information on the court proceedings.

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