General Forms Under Negligence and Personal injury

N1 - Claims under disrepair

You may be able to issue your claim online which may save time and money. Go to to find out more.

N1A - Notes for claimant on completing a claim form

Before you begin completing the claim form
  • You must think about whether alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is a better way to reach an agreement before going to court. The leaflet ‘I’m in a dispute – What can I do?’ explains more about ADR and how you can attempt to settle your claim.
  • Please read all the notes which follow the order in which information is required on the form.
  • Before completing this form, consider whether you might prefer to issue online
  • If you are filling in the claim form by hand, please use black ink and write in block capitals.
  • Copy the completed claim form and the defendant’s notes for guidance so that you have one copy for yourself, one copy for the court and one copy for each defendant.
  • If the claim is for a sum of money then you must send it to the County Court Money Claims Centre, PO Box 527, Salford, M5 0BY.
  • If it is a High Court claim or is a claim for anything other than money you should send the form and the fee to a court office.
  • You can get additional help in completing this form from the Money Claim helpdesk – phone 0300 1231372. If you need legal advice you should contact a solicitor or a Citizens Advice Bureau.
Further information may be obtained from or from the court in a series of free leaflets.

N11 - Defence form

Ontario Agreement to Terminate Tenancy (Form N11)

This Ontario Agreement to Terminate Tenancy is used when a landlord determines that they want to terminate a lease or rental agreement with a tenant for one of several reasons.

N16 - Injunction Order

General form of injunction for interim application or originating application.

N16A - General form of application for injunction

Tick which boxes apply and specify the legislation where appropriate
  1. Enter the full name of the person making the application
  2. Enter the full name of the person the injunction is to be directed to
  3. Set out any proposed orders requiring acts to be done. Delete if no mandatory order is sought.
  4. Set out here the proposed terms of the injunction order (if the defendant is a limited company delete the wording in brackets and insert ‘whether by its servants, agents, officers or otherwise’).
  5. Set out here any further terms asked for including provision for costs
  6. Enter the names of all persons who have sworn affidavits or signed statements in support of this application
  7. Enter the names and addresses of all persons upon whom it is intended to serve this application
  8. Enter the full name and address for service and delete as required

N117 - General form of undertaking

This form is to be used only for an undertaking not for an injunction.
Important Notice
If you do not comply with your promises to the court you may be held to be in contempt of court and imprisoned or fined, or your assets may be seized.
If you do not understand anything in this document you should go to a Solicitor, Legal Advice Centre or a Citizens’ Advice Bureau

N244 - Application notice

For help in completing this form please read the notes for guidance form N244Notes.


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