How to set up a trust for Pets and Monuments

How to set up a trust for Pets and Monuments


Pet animals such as dogs and cats are deemed as the best friends of the human being. Many pet owners would like to take care of their pets even after their departure from this world. In this news article, we will explore the legal rules on setting up a trust for pet animals and Trusts for monuments or graves.

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Trust for Pet Animals

A trust for animal welfare or prevention of cruelty to an animal, in general, is permitted under charitable trusts. However, a trust to look after an individual pet animal is not a charity in the English legal system. Many people care about their pets and want to ensure that they are cared for after their death. English Law allows pet animal owners’ to set up a trust for their individual pet. The general rules are following

  • A trust for pet animal is only valid for 21 years.
  • A reasonable money/property must be left for the trust.
  • Any larger sum then required to care for an animal for 21 years may defeat the purpose of setting up a trust for the pet animal.
  • As a principle, the trust property or money should not be tied up in frivolous purposes. So any unreasonable money left for the pet will become part of the estate of the deceased owner of the pet.

Trust for Monument or Graves

As a general rule, a trust must have a human beneficiary, however, it is possible to establish a trust to erect a monument or maintain a grave. As it is common for Settlor (who sets up trusts while alive) to provide for such trusts in their will. If someone would like his/her grave to be looked after or maintained or would like to erect a monument then these are the general rules

  • A trust for monument or graves can only last for 21 years (maximum). So it cannot be for indefinite time period.
  • A reasonable money/property must be left for the trust for the monument of grave
  • It is also possible to contract with local authority or burial authority to maintain a grave for a maximum of 99 years under Section 1 of the Parish Council and Burial Authorities (Miscellaneous Provision Act) 1970.

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