Our team of dedicated immigration lawyers can assist you

Our team of dedicated immigration lawyers can assist you

Introduction to Immigration Law

The immigration law principally deals with an individual’s ability to live, work and enjoy family life in the United Kingdom.That includes work permits...

Immigration Status

Immigration Status. Where a person is granted a limited leave to enter or remain in the UK as a visitor he/she shall abide the following conditions...


An adult student is someone who would like to study in the UK for post-16 education under Tier 4 (general). A child student is a person aged between 4 and..

Asylum and Refuge

A person who seeks protection from UK Government against persecution in his own country is referred as Asylum seeker. There are many geo political...

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Immigration Appeals

Immigration Appeals. The applicants in the UK have a very limited right to appeal. Only applicants in a specific categories are provided with a right of...

Employment, Business and Investment Visas

Employment visas. Everybody who is British Citizen, have right of abode, European Union Nationals have right to work as employed or self-employed...

British Nationality and Right to Abode

A British National or a person with the right of abode is entitled to enter the UK without any immigration control. Such a person cannot be removed and...

European Union Nationals

Every citizen of 28-member states of European Union also holds a “Union Citizenship”, which is in addition to citizenship granted to them by virtue of..


Visitors. A person who wants to visit the UK for a short time period is classified as a visitor. The purpose of the visit could be anything from...

Judicial Review Immigration

Judicial review is a request for a review of the decision of a public body or in the case of immigration it will be a request against the decision of...

Deportation and Administrative Removal

Deportation is a process which requires a person against whom an order of deportation is issued to leave the United Kingdom and it also stops...

Family Reunion

Under Family reunion, you will find immigrations rules which will apply to family members including spouses, civil partners, children to join a person...

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