Immigration Status and Driving

Driving without a licence and Insurance is illegal in the United Kingdom. DVLA is obliged, since 2014, to cancel anybody’s Licence who does not hold or have a legal status in the UK. By Legal status, we mean limited leave to remain, Indefinite leave to remain, entry clearance, citizenship and certain other statuses which are deemed legal.


The problem with the current system of revocation of driving licences is that the DVLA is not obliged to inform the driver that his or her licence is cancelled. As a result, most people have found out, that their licences were cancelled, only when they were stopped by the police.


Police have extensive powers to stop vehicles and ask drivers questions about their driving licence, insurance, MOT and about any other issue. It is in the best interest of a driver to fully co-operate with Police once he is stopped. However, a driver does not have to inform the police about his/her legal status in the UK.

Check Your Licence

You can call DVLA to check the validity of your licence or alternately visit for further information.


If a driver would like to appeal against the decision of DVLA, he/she should appeal to a Magistrate Court. However, the process of appeal is a complex area of law which requires legal advice and guidance.

For further information, guidance and advice visit

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