Landlords’ Health and Safety Responsibilities

A recent prosecution brought by City of Lincoln Council against a landlord has put the issue of landlord responsibilities under the spotlight. The case resulted in the landlord receiving a fine of over £400,000, believed to be one of the highest penalties ever imposed in such instances.

The Leader of City of Lincoln Council said:

“It’s pleasing to see justice has been served against this offender who has, time and time again, exploited his tenants by making them live in appalling conditions, surrounded by many fire and health hazards.”

So, what are the health and safety responsibilities of landlords?

Gas Safety

The landlord must make sure gas equipment they supply is safely installed and maintained by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

In addition, they must have a registered engineer carry out an annual gas safety check on each appliance and flue, and give you a copy of the gas safety check record before you move in, or within 28 days of the check.

Electrical Safety

The landlord must ensure that the electrical system is safe, for example, light fittings and plug sockets.

They must also make sure that all appliances they supply are safe, for example, cookers, refrigerators and toasters etc.

Fire Safety

Landlords must follow safety regulations. Smoke alarms should be provided on each storey, with carbon monoxide alarms in any room with a solid fuel burning appliance.

They must also ensure that you have access to escape routes at all times.

Any furniture that is supplied by the landlord must comply with fire safety regulations.

If the house is in multiple occupation, extra fire alarms and fire extinguishers must be provided.


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