Our team of dedicated personal injury lawyers can assist you

Our team of dedicated personal injury lawyers can assist you

Introduction to Negligence

Negligence is a wrongful act which causes harm or injury to another person for which the injured party is entitled to seek compensation.

Defences of Negligence

If the activities of the defendant are authorised by Government or by Statute, then the defendant will have a total defence to a nuisance claim.

Claims and Occupiers’ Liability

Occupiers’ liability deals with the risks posed and harms caused, by dangerous places and buildings. An occupier may be held liable for this…

Claims and Employers’ Liability

An employer may be held liable for negligence in three distinct situations. 1. non-delegable duty of care to their employees. 2.not comply with the law. 3..

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Claims under Passing-off

Passing off protects traders against misrepresentations, made by other traders that confuse customers as to the source of goods or services.

Claims and Psychiatric Illness

In English legal system, no damages are given for grief or sorrow caused by a person’s death. Where a person who suffers psychiatric illness can claim.

Vicarious Liability

Under Vicarious liability, an employer will be held responsible for wrongs committed by an employee in the course of employment subject to following…

Claims and Negligence / Personal Injury

To establish a claim for Negligence including personal injury a claimant (person making the claim) has to prove three elements: Duty of care…

Claims in Private Nuisance

Private nuisance regulates the relationship between neighbours and defines their mutual rights and obligations with respect to use of their land.


The most common remedies available in tort of negligence are Damages and Injunctions.

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