Post Study Work Visa: Changes to the UK’s Tier 4 Student Visa.

What is Tier 4 Student Visa UK?

Tier 4 Student visa allows prospective students from outside the UK and EU to apply for study and work in the UK as an International Student under the UK’s Immigration Law.

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What is Included?

  • Post Study Work Visa UK
  • General Rights of International Students in the UK
  • 2O Hours’ Work Entitlement
  • Work Restrictions on International Students
  • Tier 4 Registered Sponsors

Post Study Work Visa

In a Statement of Changes to Immigration Rules HC 2631 on 9 September 2019, the Home Office announced the return of hugely popular Post Study Work Visa (PSW). PSW allows a student, who has completed his degree to work as an employee or a self-employed person for 2 years’ time period. PSW visas will be available to students from 2020.

Although it is not clear, whether existing student will be allowed to apply for PSW, however, it is widely believed that PSW visas will be available to students starting their degrees in September 2020.

It is good news for all international students who would like to study, work and gain invaluable lifelong practical experience in their chosen fields. Apart from PSW, the international students have further legal work related rights and entitlements as discussed below.

General Rights of International Student in the UK

Currently, an international student on Tier 4 Student Visa is allowed to fill the position of a sabbatical officer. Sucha student can also join a work placement provided the placement is an assessed part of the course/degree.

20 Hours Work Entitlement

International student is allowed to work for 20 hours per week during the term time provided he is studying for a degree or higher-level qualification and his sponsor is a UK Higher Education Institution. However, a student is allowed to work only 10 hours per week during the term time where he is studying for a level which is lower than a degree level and his sponsor is a UK Higher education institution.

Work Restrictions on International Students

As an international student, you are allowed to work for either 20 or 10 hours as explained above, however, a student cannot work in the UK as a Self-employed, i.e. open his own business or start providing services on his own. A student cannot be employed as a doctor in training, professional sportsman, or employed as an entertainer.

Tier 4 Registered Sponsors

Tier 4 Registered Sponsors are all those Universities and Colleges in which an international student can apply for admission. These colleges and Universities are authorised by the Home Office to enrol international students and provide Confirmation of Acceptance (CAS) Letter. The International student must only enrol at the college or University which is on this list.

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