Forms Under Legal Aid

CRM14 - Application for Legal Aid in Criminal Proceedings

We may need to see evidence that proves the information you give in this form and in any other forms you use to apply for legal aid, is true. The evidence we need to see is described on pages 5 to 12 of this guidance. If you provide original evidence, the court will usually make a copy and return the original to you. Or you may provide a copy which is certified by your solicitor. If you have genuine difficulty in providing evidence we require, you or your solicitor should contact the court for advice.

CRM15 - Financial Statement for Legal Aid in Criminal Proceedings

Whether to grant you legal aid, there will be two tests of your case:
  1. The Interest of Justice Test: This considers whether it is in the interest of justice that a solicitor represents you.
  2. A means assessment: We look at the income and out goings, and savings, investments and property of you and your partner (if you have one) to decide whether you are financially eligible, in the magistrates’ court and in Crown Court trials. Where you are eligible for funding for a Crown Court trial your income and outgoings are also used to assess whether you have to contribute to your defence costs.
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