Our team of dedicated housing lawyers can assist you

Our team of dedicated housing lawyers can assist you

Types of Occupation

Types of Occupation: Freehold land, Leasehold land, Commonhold Land, Tenancy, Shame Tenancy Agreements, Joint Tenancy, Sub-Tenancy...

Right to Repair

The duty to maintain the residential property in good repair falls mainly on the landlord. Where a landlord fails or refuses to carry out necessary repairs...

Creating a Tenancy

Creating Tenancy. Leases/tenancies have two stages. The first stage, the agreement to grant a lease or tenancy. The second stage is actual lease or tenancy.

Deposit Scheme

A landlord after 6th April 2007 must safeguard the deposit of an assured shorthold tenant’s deposit in Government approved deposit protection scheme.

Human Rights and Protection from Unlawful Eviction

Article 8 of Human Rights Act 1998 guarantees the right of respect for the family, private life and home. A tenant can invoke or rely on Article 8 as a...

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Landlord’s and Tenant’s Obligations

When people enter into a relationship of Tenant and landlord they make a variety of promises in the form of obligations with each other.

Termination of Tenancy

Termination of Tenancy. No tenancy including a lease is forever, they must end at some point. A tenancy can come to an end voluntarily with...

Assured Shorthold Tenancies and Possession

Assured Shorthold Tenancies. All tenancies granted after 22 February 1997 are automatically be assured shorthold tenancies unless otherwise agreed between...

Assured Tenancy and Possession

The Act became applicable from January 15, 1989. The primary purpose of the Government was to reduce regulation in private rented sector.

Secure Tenancies

Secure tenancies under the Housing Act 1985 offer the highest level of security and rent control in the rented sector. Apply to all tenants...

Judicial Review (Housing)

Generally for Judicial Review Housing, Under Civil Procedure Rules 1998, an action under Judicial Review must be brought within 3 Months’ time period from...

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