Our team of dedicated property lawyers can assist you

Our team of dedicated property lawyers can assist you

Introduction to Property law

Land law (property law) is a complex area of law. It is advised to a prospective buyer, seller and third parties to seek a legal advice whenever the...

Registered Land

Registered Land is a piece of a land which is registered with H.M Land Registry. Land registration has been made compulsory for the whole of...

Trust of Land

A person can setup a trust of land by his or herself for many reasons, however whenever two or more people have an interest in the same piece of land a...

Property Estoppel

Property Estoppel is a remedy which is used to compensate a person (A) who was either actively encourage by another person (B) to believe that the person...

Leasehold covenants, enforcement and remedies

Leasehold covenants are those terms agreed in a lease that relate to the parties’ obligations to each other in their capacity as Landlord and Tenant.

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An easements provides some form of right which is exercised over the land belonging to another. An easement is a category of third-party interests in land.

Adverse Possession

Adverse possession is a mechanism which allows a trespasser to acquire title to land and to displace the rights of the ‘paper owner'.

Unregistered land

Unregistered land is one which is still not registered with HM Land Registry. A large number of properties in England and Wales are not registered with...

Co-ownership of land

Co-ownership of land occurs where two or more people hold a beneficial interest in the same land at the same time or where two people jointly own or...

Trusts in Family Home

Trusts in Family Home the ownership of the family home is sometimes in the name of couple or both partners and sometimes it is only one partner whose...

Licenses and Leases

A licenses simply allows someone else or other than the land owner to do something on the land, which without a licence would be treated as trespassing.

Freehold Covenants, enforcement and remedies

The landowner of a freehold Covenant can make promises to another freehold landowner while selling his land or any other time as they may see fit or...


A ‘mortgage’ is an interest in a property granted by the borrower (Person or businesses) to the lender (Normally banks, Co-operative Banks, and Building...

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