Your Complete Guide to UK Ancestry Visa

What is Ancestry Visa?

UK Ancestry visa allows the grandchildren of British nationals who are born outside the United Kingdom, to register as British Citizen. This rule relates to those Grandparents’ who emigrated to the United Kingdom from the rest of the world at some time in the past.

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Under the UK’s Immigration law and as a general rule, the child of a British Citizen born anywhere in the world is born British. However, if the child of such British national (Grandchild) is born outside the UK then such child can apply to register as British Citizen under S3(3) or 3(5) of British Nationality Act 1981. However, if he does not qualify under s3(3) or 3(5) then he can apply to travel to the UK and subsequently settle in the United Kingdom through the Ancestry visa route.


 Ali and Krishna moved from Pakistan and India in 1970 and obtained British citizenship. Soon after they have children Sharukh and Sanjay born in India and Pakistan. Both Shahrukh and Sanjay will be deemed British Citizenship as when they were born, their parent had British Nationality.

Now suppose, Shahrukh and Sanjay did not move to the UK or settled back in India and Pakistan respectively at some time and became the dad of Farooq and Karena. Both Farooq and Karina are not considered British Citizen because they are born outside the United Kingdom despite the fact that their parents are British National.

They can apply under the Nationality Act 1981 to become British Citizen however if this is refused or if they do not fulfil the criteria then under the ancestry visa rules, both Farooq and Karena will have to apply for a visit and settle in the UK.

Please note this rule is specific to immigrants who moved to the UK and obtained British Citizenship subsequently.


  • Applicant must be aged 17 or over;
  • Is a Commonwealth citizen;
  • Can prove and provide evidence of blood relationship or recognised adoption with a grandparent born or naturalised in the UK;
  • The applicant is able to work and will work or intends to work in the UK;
  • The ancestry visa application must be made from outside the UK.


Ancestry visa allows the applicant to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK after 5 years.

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